Way back in 2006 the first event was held at this venue which hosted the Australian championships for 1/4 scale speedway in its first season.

Since that time the Gemma Rd facility has developed into a world class venue with the addition of new clubrooms, sponsor room, increased pit space, larger catering facility, better spectator areas, a fully fitted control room and many other features.

Congratulations to all concerned in the establishment and continued improvement at Henderson Speedway.



The following images show the progress of the 10 years of Henderson Speedway.



Flashback to 2005 when a bush block held the dreams of a few dedicated individuals. That dream became a reality, a race track for the best kept secret on dirt, RC speedway racing.

It wasn't long before the venue started to take shape.

"Build it and they will come". In 2006 this oval of dirt became this Bullring of Speed. Fifteen years later this venue is a stunning example of what can be created with passion and determination. Henderson Speedway will continue to grow and prosper into the future.

Aerial view of the Henderson circuit.

Looking south from turn 3.

Looking south from turn 4.

Looking north from turns 1 & 2.

Back straight spectator bank.

Looking across the pits.

The circuit under lights.

AMCA's in action around turns 3 & 4 under the new canteen 'Maxine's Cafe'.

Sunset over the drivers' stand.

The new clubhouse and sponsor lounge located on turn 3.

The Race Control Centre on turn 4.

Looking over the pits on turns 1 & 2.

The Keith Noble Corner on turn 3.

The drivers' stand on the main straight.

2021 the improvements continue…

2022 Bringing in some new clay.