June 2020


The club takes great pleasure in announcing  a major structural change that has just commenced.

As you are aware, we had issues in our current canteen with the rangehood above the chip fryer constantly failing due to excessive heat. ( and we ALL love our chips, especially crinkle cut!!! )
This was caused by the rangehood not being high enough due to the low unpitched roof. Cost to replace the roof and rangehood were considered to be better spent on re-locating the canteen inside the WINNERS CIRCLE rooms.

The Winners Circle has a higher roof, and pitched which meets all the requirement for the new rangehood, already purchased.

So work has already started on turning the bar area into a new canteen. Life member Les Blechynden has generously undertaken the works programme at cost. There are benefits in that the freezer can now run off the existing solar system, rather than having to wait until our generator was operational. Further, Lyn now doesnt have to constantly take food to and from the canteen each race day.

The trophy display cases have already been removed and will be installed in the Les Blechynden Room. This room will also see some upgrades in the current months.

There will need to be some smaller restriction on the permitted smoking area between the Winners Circle and the control tower.

The current canteen ( old canteen ) will now be used as a storeroom, allowing the current small storeroom to be converted to a shower stall.

Other options will be to use the old canteen as another corporate box during state or national titles.

The club also has another interesting development in place and this will be announced very soon.

The track is holding up extremely well despite the heavy rainfall recently. This is the result of the major works programme last year, when we installed the infield drainage system.

We wish to express our gratitude to Ben Higgs, Travis and the family for the generous donation of clay and other construction material. Ben has also spent a lot of time carting in the clay, and spreading it onto the track. John Alford will integrate it into the current surface as weather conditions allow.

Some big things happening at the best club in AUS!

Dont forget the busy bee on Saturday June 27th, 9am.



Anyone who is associated with a club knows how important volunteers are in the establishment and running of all facets of its operations.

The West Oz Quarter Scale Speedway Association is not a huge club compared with others but there are some particularly time consuming and specialised tasks to carry out before, during and after our race meetings. The importance of track preparation, without which we cannot race, is sometimes underestimated.

Those who are not familiar with speedway track surfaces may not be aware that it relies a lot on weather conditions, requires many days of manicuring, watering, rolling and countless laps on a grader to get it to racing condition. This of course is done by volunteers whom miss many meals with their families and spend weekends getting the venue ready for the members to roll up and have fun on a Saturday night.

Also, we all equire nutrition; the odd sweet delight and of course that well needed tea or coffee. We are fortunate at West Oz that our canteen facilities provide all members, volunteers and fans with the best of snacks and refreshments at good old-fashion prices. Obviously this requires a team of volunteers to dedicate their time many hours before and after the racing to feed us all. Anyone who has waited in the line in the heat of a West Aussie summer would appreciate that temperatures can get pretty warm in the kitchen - thank goodness we have the generous and dedicated canteen team to make sure we are not left hungry.

To run a speedway event there needs to be officials. Imagine trying to run a meeting without stewards, gate officials, timing controllers, flag wavers and a race director? There roles are not easy and cannot be undertaken by just anyone. Often thankless, they are responsible positions that all provide a necessary part in our events. Again, thankfully there are volunteers who do their bit for the club without a mention of complaint.

These example are only some of what needs to be done on and around raceday at West Oz.

Last but not least there is the committee. Elected volunteers who take it on themselves to control and administer the vast number of different issues required to run a club. The list of which is endless and decisions are not always easy. The value of anyone who volunteers as a committee member should never be forgotten.

To everyone who has played their role, no matter how small, can feel proud that you have assisting in making 'OUR CLUB' tick.

Thank you all!