21 October 2019

SEASON 2019/20 is now well under way with both the AMCA HIGH ROLLER and SPEEDCAR MUSTER events being run.
The new track surface is looking VERY promosing with speeds at least equal to those on the previous "black clay".
Curator John Alford is spending many many hours focusing on the track and the best way to get it to a high standard. Experimenting with watering times and quantity of water applied, he is confident the Henderson clayway will be as good as ever, if not better.

We had heavy rainfall the day before our opening event, and the new drainage system that was completed just the week previous has passed with flying colours!!

Club sponsors Steve Burns Electrical has installed the new lights on tower 2 and all is looking good there. Alastair has done an enormous amount of work with our new CCTV system up and running. This system enables us to make decisions relating to race protests by viewing video of any incidents. We are now discussing if its possible to live stream this footage to the internet! Now thats taking things to a professional level!

Background discussions are also being done in regard to our track being surveyed and digitised so that it can be used in IRACING on the web. How cool would that be!

Members are reminded that they are able to attend our committee meetings on the first Tuesday of each month, starting at 6pm in the John Alford Room at the club. Members can only spectate at these meetings, but it is a good insight into how your club is operating in the background, and why the committee makes some of the decisions it does.



20/7/18 - BUSY BEE

The 2018/19 season is FAST approaching and that means there is a lot of work that needs to be done to get the facility up and running.

The committee has set the date for the first busy bee -  SATURDAY 11th and SUNDAY 12th AUGUST!
YEP!! Its a 2 day event!!

We have decided to combine this as the clubs first social event as well. Camping at the track will be encouraged. A BBQ tea around the campfire and some beverages, Bacon and Egg breakfast and then finish off the work at hand. it will be a great way to meet the new members and also make them feel welcome!

Some pretty serious tasks needing to be done too. The barge boards need scraping, repairing and a new coat of paint. Lots of whipper snipping, mowing and weeding, pits maintenance, window cleaning, signage updates, painting toilets, repairs to drivers stand etc.

A list of items needed will be posted here shortly.

This is YOUR chance to get in and do something FOR your club. Please check your calenders and make plans to leave that weekend free. We would love to see you there!
If you cant make both days, we would hope you do either the Saturday or Sunday.

Remember, the more members who turn up, the less work it is for everyone, less time taken, but MORE TIME TO PARTY!

( Please dont bring your race car as the track WILL NOT be ready for cars. The track prep will only start the week before our first event which is anticipated to be mid to late September. )



Anyone who is associated with a club knows how important volunteers are in the establishment and running of all facets of its operations.

The West Oz Quarter Scale Speedway Association is not a huge club compared with others but there are some particularly time consuming and specialised tasks to carry out before, during and after our race meetings. The importance of track preparation, without which we cannot race, is sometimes underestimated.

Those who are not familiar with speedway track surfaces may not be aware that it relies a lot on weather conditions, requires many days of manicuring, watering, rolling and countless laps on a grader to get it to racing condition. This of course is done by volunteers whom miss many meals with their families and spend weekends getting the venue ready for the members to roll up and have fun on a Saturday night.

Also, we all equire nutrition; the odd sweet delight and of course that well needed tea or coffee. We are fortunate at West Oz that our canteen facilities provide all members, volunteers and fans with the best of snacks and refreshments at good old-fashion prices. Obviously this requires a team of volunteers to dedicate their time many hours before and after the racing to feed us all. Anyone who has waited in the line in the heat of a West Aussie summer would appreciate that temperatures can get pretty warm in the kitchen - thank goodness we have the generous and dedicated canteen team to make sure we are not left hungry.

To run a speedway event there needs to be officials. Imagine trying to run a meeting without stewards, gate officials, timing controllers, flag wavers and a race director? There roles are not easy and cannot be undertaken by just anyone. Often thankless, they are responsible positions that all provide a necessary part in our events. Again, thankfully there are volunteers who do their bit for the club without a mention of complaint.

These example are only some of what needs to be done on and around raceday at West Oz.

Last but not least there is the committee. Elected volunteers who take it on themselves to control and administer the vast number of different issues required to run a club. The list of which is endless and decisions are not always easy. The value of anyone who volunteers as a committee member should never be forgotten.

To everyone who has played their role, no matter how small, can feel proud that you have assisting in making 'OUR CLUB' tick. There were some special efforts that we would like to acknowledge for their dedicated work during the 2017/18 season.

In no particular order: Lyn Elder - Catering Manager; Alastair - Race Control;Terry Richards - Pit Gate Marshal;  Maxine Anderton - Canteen; Tim Tryhorn - Race Control; Greg Cowie, Phil Mansfield - Trak Prep; Guido Versaico - Fundraising; Grouds Maintenance  - Scott Elder ( Scotties Mowing and More ); Sponsors Liaison - Gavin Long;  Photography, Social Media / Webmaster - John Summerfield.

Thank you all!