History of the West Oz 1/4 Scale Speedway Association Inc.

Flashback to 2006 when the track was constructed in Gemma Road.

Quarterscale speedway in Western Australia commenced in the 1990's and the first competitive circuit was created in Waroona WA in 2005. The West Oz 1/4 Scale Speedway Association was formed by a small group of RC enthusiasts including Les Blechynden, John Alford, Dale Pyke, Jeremy Briggs, Jim Connolly and Rick Triplett.

In 2006 the Association sourced land in Henderson and became part of the WARMS model precinct in Gemma Road. In the decade since its establishment the venue has developed into a world class facility, the best in the country for 1/4 scale speedway.

Season 2016/17 celebrates 10 years of racing at TAMS GROUP SPEEDWAY HENDERSON with a special 'A Decade at Hendo' anniversary event on 17 December.


The Early Days in Waroona.

Some images from the early days of West Oz.

The original track was constructed near the defunct Waroona Speedway site in 2005.

Rick Triplett works on the track at the picturesque Waroona circuit.

Some of the original competitors at West Oz. L-R Jim 'Bandit' Connolly, Peter Loftus, Les Blechynden, Rick Triplett, John Alford, Jeremy Briggs.

The tranquil scene in the pits at Waroona.


Les Blechynden and John Alford.

Two names that are synonomous with the establishment and development of the West Oz Quarterscale Speedway Association are Les Blechynden and John Alford.

Both gentlemen have been members of the committee since the inauguration and have worked tirelessly to create the world-class Henderson venue which is the headquarters of the sport in WA.

Les and John were awarded life membership in 2012 for services to the Association.


What is a Quarterscale Racecar?

Based on the design and look of their larger brothers, 1/4 scale speedway machines are radio controlled, petrol-powered racecars that compete on a fenced dirt oval circuit. The Henderson circuit is 90m in length on the kerb line and 10 metres wide.

There are six classes currently registered with the Association and race under a Nation rule book. Drivers must be a member of the Association to be eligible to complete. State and National championships are held annually on a rotation basis with other states across Australia.

The information below has been provided by Craig Stewart who gives a brief description of each class that compete at West Oz.


Quarter scale sprintcars are the kings of the sport. Fully custom made, chrome moly chassis. Beam front end. belt, chain or quick change differential drive. 26cc motor. 24" wheel base, 20" width and 39" overall length. Aluminium wings front and top.


Now we're getting serious. These cars are custom made from the ground up. Running a 26cc motor 48 overall length, 24-26" wheelbase and 20" track. Live rear axle Front end can be beam or A arm Belt drive system, binder drive with chain or sprocket.


AMCA's are the starter class of the sport. Based on the Smartec 1/5 scale buggy. 23cc engine with stock engine parts and stock tyres and wheels and a body to resemble a full-size AMCA race car. Buy the car off the shelf and go racing!


Based on the Smartec 1/5 scale buggy. 23cc engine with stock engine parts. Tyres and wheels may be changed. Roll cage and bodywork added to the smartec chassis to resemble a full-size speedcar.


Based on the Baja 1/5 scale buggy. 26cc engine with stock engine parts and stock tyres and wheels. Add a body to resemble a full-size Dirt Modified race car and hit the track.


A sidecar motorcycle is a three wheel machine designed to race clockwise (opposite to the other classes). Sidecars are custom built. The weight distribution is important to the design. Sidecars are still in an experimental stage but hopefully this class will appear in big numbers in the near future.