To the members, the committee is proud to have your support.
To the committee,  we value your dedication and time you gave to represent the club and other members.

2020-21 Executive Committee: 

CHAIRPERSON:           John Alford       0466 821 904    

VICE CHAIRPERSON:    Darren Mouna                                                           

SECRETARY:                 Scott Elder      0438304591

TREASURER:                Lyn Elder         0407448155         


General Committee:


Jim Waddell 

Nigel Robinson

Glen Richards

Brian Criddle


Sponsors Delegate:  Lyn Elder

Race Controller:  Alastair Waddell

Pit Gate Marshals: Terry Richards

First Aid Officers:  John Alford, Nigel Robinson, Greg Cowie

Catering Manager:  Lyn Elder

Commentator:  Wanted

State Delegate:  Greg Cowie

Track Curator:  John Alford

Member Inductions:  Wanted

Facebook Admin:  Peter Pascoe  0431 031 571

Webmaster:   Peter Pascoe 

Track Photogascoerapher:  PEDRO'S PICS & VIDEOS    Peter Pascoe