On behalf of all members we would like to express our sincere and deepest gratitude to the outgoing committee of 2019/20.
It was a year like no other, with Covid-19 taking us all into unknown territory, and loyalties tested. But the club stood strong and united.
To the members, the committee is proud to have your support.
To the committee,  we value your dedication and time you gave to represent the club and other members.


20120/21 Executive Committee: 

Chairperson:           John Alford             0466 821 904        jalf@aapt.net.au    

Vice Chairperson:                                                            

Secretary:              Scott Elder              0488421809          westozspeedway@outlook.com

Treasurer:              Lyn Elder                 0407448155          westozspeedway@outlook.com         

We welcome SCOTT to the executive this year.


General Committee:

Darren Mouna

Jim Waddell

Glen Richards

Brian Criddle

 We thank Shane Earnshaw and Steven Summerfield for their contributions as they step down this year.

We welcome Jim Waddell onto our committee this year.

Sponsors Delegates:  Lyn Elder

Race Controller:  Alastair Waddell

Pit Gate Marshals: Terry Richards

First Aid Officers:  John Alford, Nigel Robinson, Greg Cowie

Catering Manager:  Lyn Elder

Commentator:  Wanted

State Delegate:  Greg Cowie

Track Curator:  John Alford

Member Inductions:  Wanted

Facebook Admin:  Peter Pascoe

Webmaster:   Peter Pascoe

Photographer:  Peter Pascoe / Neville Earnshaw